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258 Prospect Street,
P.O. Box 519
St George, ON
N0E 1N0

TELEPHONE: (519) 448-3344
TOLL FREE: (877) 611-2644

Cornerstone stocks a wide array of OEM parts for your cranes, hoists and other material handling needs. This includes access to the top brands in the industry including the likes of Columbus McKinnon, R&M Hoist, Demag and more. That availability coupled with Cornerstone’s extensive parts sales experience makes for an easy process.

All of our parts are sold at the most competitive prices, with quality in mind. The Staff at Cornerstone are more than willing to help you with your parts needs, identifying and locating any part you may require.

We back up our warehouse of parts with a knowledgeable Customer Service team for your immediate assistance. Many of our Customer Service team have worked for the manufacturers in their prior experience, bringing that wisdom right to you.

Cornerstone is an authorized parts deal for the following: