Jib Crane

jib cranes

A jib crane consists of a load-supporting beam horizontally mounted to a pivoting column, either free-standing or mounted to a structure. They’re used for lifting loads in a specially designed small area of space, predetermined by the length of the boom. There are various types of Jib Cranes below.

Wall Mounted

Either supported by a cantilever or tie rod, Wall Mounted Jibs are only capable of 200° rotation. They typically run up to 5 ton loads.


Engineered to stand alone, Free-Standing Jibs have a full 360° rotation. Using various different types of bases, they typically come with loads up to 5 tons, though special custom loads are available. Free-Standing Jibs use either a Base Plate Mount, Foundation Mount or Sleeve Insert.

Other options include:

  • Ceiling Mounted
  • Articulating Arm
  • Powered Rotation

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