Air Chain

Air chain
Used in situations where safety is key, Air Chain Hoists get the job done the way you need it. Unlike electricity, compressed air does not generate sparks, making these hoists the perfect choice in a hazardous situation. These units usually use self-cooling motors and variable speed lifting. They are ideal for a situation where electricity just isn’t an option.

Manufacturer Budgit Yale C.M. Coffing J.D.N.
Series 2200 KALC XL SLA Profi
Capacity 1/4 – 1 Ton 1 – 3 Ton 2 – 7 1/2 Ton 1/8 – 1/2 Ton 1 – 10 Ton
Metric Rated Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Power Supply Air Air Air Air Air/Hydraulic
Air – CFM 48 80 175 34
Motor Type Vane Vane Vane Vane Vane
Hook Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lug Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Integral Np Yes No No Yes
Body Type Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Steel
Gearing Type Planetary Helical & Spurr Helical & Spurr Helical & Spurr Planetary
Brake Style Motor Shoe Type Mechanical Load Brake Air Actuated Air Actuated Air Actuated
Limit Switch Block Operated Block Operated Clutch Clutch Block
Gearbox Grease Splash Grease Grease Grease
Motor External External External External Internal
Chain Container Optional Standard Optional Optional Optional
Load Limiter N/A Standard Standard Standard Optional
Corrosion Resistant Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Explosion Proof Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Food Grade Yes Yes No No Yes
Pull Cord Yes No No No Yes
Throttle Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pendant No No No No Yes
Twin Hook No No No No Yes

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