Electric Chain

Electric Chain
The most commonly used hoist, they integrate electric power through a pendant station to move a load up or down on its chain. Cornerstone only represents quality brands of electric chain hoists. Built to withstand the rigors of heavy service and repeated lifting cycles, these hoists are compact, lightweight and economical. The perfect solution to your job, electric chain hoists have been used in multiple industries such as:

  • Lumber Mills
  • Warehousing
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Foundries and Steel Mills
  • Textile
Manufacturer Budgit Coffing C.M. R&M Demag
Series BEHC EC Lodestar Lodemate DC-Com
Capacity 1/4 – 3 Ton 1/8 – 5 Ton 1/8 – 3 Ton 1/8 – 5 Ton 1/8 – 4 Ton
Metric Yes Some Yes Yes Yes
CSA Standard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Speed Options
1 Speed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Speed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
VFD Up to 3 Steps Up to 3 Steps Up to 3 Steps Up to 3 Steps Yes
Power Supply
3-Phase Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
1-Phase Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Motor Brake A.C. A.C. D.C. D.C. D.C.
Load Brake Optional Standard 2nd D.C. Brake 2nd D.C. Brake N/A
Limit Switch
Geared Rotary No Yes Yes Optional No
Block Operated Yes No No Yes Clutch
Lubrication Splash Splash Grease Semi-Grease Grease
Corrosion Resisant Optional Yes Optional No
Explosion Proof Upon Application No No No No
Food Grade Optional Optional Optional Optional No

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