Hand Chain

Considered the most economical way to lift any load, hand chain hoists fill a number of different niches. Hand Chain Hoists are your best bet when facing a job where portability and easy rigging are a necessity. Whether a big or small job hand chain hoist, hand chain hoists can be found in a variety of different industries; most commonly in construction, maintenance and precision lifting applications.

With capacities ranging from ¼ ton to 50 ton, hand chain hoists can lift even the heaviest of loads.

A hand chain is designed to drive the gearbox, while the lifting chain moves up or down with the load.

  • Spark resistant features are available; stainless steel and bronze hooks, chains, wheels, etc.
  • Suspension alternatives include hook mount, plain trolley, geared trolley, low headroom, and army type trolley options.
Manufacturer Budgit Coffing C.M. R&M Yale
Series USA LHH Hurricane 360 RM-II LH-2
Capacity Range 1/4-6 Tonne 1/2-20 Tonne 1/2-10 Tonne 1/4-10 Tonne 1/2-12 Tonne
Body Type
Cast Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Steel Yes Yes Yes
Hook Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lug Yes N/A No No Yes
Integral Yes N/A No No Yes
Overload Device Standard N/A Standard Standard Standard
Chain Container Optional N/A N/A Optional Optional
360° Hand Chain Guide N/A N/A Standard N/A No
Corrision Resistant Optional N/A No N/A Optional
Spark Resistant Optional N/A No N/A Optional
Food Grade Optional N/A No N/A Optional
Twin Hook No No No No No