Lever Chain

Often referred to in the industry as ratchet hoists, lever chain hoists have been designed to move loads both vertically and horizontally depending on your needs. With their usual compact design, many of these lever hoists can be found in maintenance tool boxes. Because of their portability and require very little set-up, lever hoists are a perfect option for maintenance and construction work.

Lever Hoist capacities can range from ¼ to 9 ton, and even larger in some instances.

Some smaller lever hoists can even come with optional carrying cases that can slip on your belt.

Manufacturer Yale Coffing R&M Columbus McKinnon
Model/Series P.M. LSB RLP Puller Mini
Capacity Range 1-3 Ton 3/4-6 Tonne 3/4-6 Tonne 3/4-6 Ton 550-1100 lbs
Body Type Aluminum Alloy Steel Steel Aluminum Alloy Steel
Handle Type Aluminum Alloy Press Steel Press Steel Aluminum Alloy Aluminum
Overload Device Optional Standard Optional
Lever Length 3/4-1.5 Ton = 12″ 3/4 Ton = 9 1/4″ 3/4-1 Ton = 11″ 21 1/4″ 550 lbs = 6.3″
3 Ton = 16″ 1.5-6 Ton = 13 1/4″ 1.5-6 Ton = 16.14″ 1100 lbs = 6.375″

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