training services

Committed to keeping workers up to date on the latest to keep them safe, Cornerstone provides a wide array of training programs, hand tailored to your needs. We’ll work with your specific requirements as they arise. Our team comes with vast knowledge and experience, ready to impart that wisdom onto you and your employees. We provide the convenience of on-site training as well as right here at our location.

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A program designed to instruct workers in safe principles of operating a multitude of industrial cranes, including bridge cranes, jib cranes and gantry cranes. This course goes into detail on how a Crane operates, as well as the safe practices when doing so.


Our course is designed to give the best knowledge on how to inspect and maintain various hoists. We get hands on with the hoists, to best prepare you for the maintenance, repairs and inspection of chain and wire rope hoists.


Designed for workers to learn how to inspect their rigging gear, and properly select the equipment for their day-to-day lifts. Our course will go over how to estimate loads, and the effect that various angles have on the working load.