Budgit 2200

  • Pull cord control provides a lightweight, economical hoist for accurate control of loads.
  • Pendant throttle control hoists offer ergonomic one-handed controls.
  • Aluminum frame and end cover contributes to the lightweight, easily portable and rugged design.
  • Heavy duty shoe type brake is a proven design for stopping and holding heavy loads.
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Budgit 6000

  • Die-cast aluminum frame – lightweight and rugged.
  • Gearing – combination of precision cut, heat treated helical and spur gears for quiet, efficient operation.
  • Mechanical load brake – positive action, spring biased Weston type load brake holds the load and provides exact load spotting and control.
  • Overload protection – MANGUARD overload device protects against excessive overloads… clutch also acts at upper and lower limit.
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Budgit Manguard

  • Economical and dependable North American made.
  • Mechanical load brake option – positive action, spring biased Weston type load brake holds the load and provides exact load spotting and control.
  • Parts readily available for quick turnaround service needs.
  • Variety of mountings include: Suspension Hook, lug, plain, geared and motorized trolleys.
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CM Lodestar Classic

  • H4 Duty makes hoist ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications.
  • Gearing designed for exceptionally long life and quiet operation. Gear train lifetime lubricated with non-oxidizing grease.
  • Hoist duty motor, standard overload protection device and standard screw-type limit switches.
  • Hardened, forged-steel, latch-type hooks and hoistaloy load chain for long, dependable service.
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CM Lodestar NH

  • Heavy Duty DC Brake is designed for a long service life. Brake location allows for quick access and easy inspection.
  • Lifetime grease-lubricated Gear Box means no oil change out is required. Precision gears provide better wear and longer life.
  • 80% reduction in sound pressure as compared to the classic Lodestar.
  • Clutch is located outside the load path which prevents slipping of the load in an overload condition when the brake is not powered.
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Coffing EC

  • Electrical Cover can be quickly removed for easy access to motor and all electrical connections.
  • High torque, H4 duty class motor with class F insulation; 60 hertz standard, 50 hertz available. Optional Variable Frequency Drives, or 2-speed motor available.
  • Suspension easily changed from hook to lug, for use with plain, geared, or motorized trolley.
  • Chain guide resists jamming and keeps the chain aligned with load sheave.
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Coffing JLC

  • Panel plate provides easy access to controls and motor leads for changing voltage on dual-voltage motors or servicing the hoist.
  • Multiple disc motor brake with direct acting design for positive load spotting and holding.
  • Regulate upper and lower load travel. Brass nuts standard for improved switch setting and repeatability.
  • Ergonomic design fits operator’s hand for thumb or two-handed operation standard.
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  • Single or two-speed hoisting options.
  • Inverter or two-speed controlled trolley options.
  • Top hook, lug mount, push trolley, and motorized trolley suspensions.
  • High-density polyethylene black chain container.
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Coffing WR

  • Adjustable limit switch regulates upper and lower load travel. Stainless steel and brass components provide exceptional repeatability and positioning.
  • Gears are precision machined of alloy steel and run in an oil bath for longer, quieter operation.
  • Small Frame Design – Features housings of cast aluminum alloy construction for minimum weight. Engineered and designed for use with motors up to 1 HP.
  • Large Frame Design – Features load bearing housings of ductile iron construction for maximum strength.
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Yale PE2

  • Tough aluminum alloy construction and powder coat finish.
  • Weatherproof for outdoor service.
  • Simple construction with fewer parts for ease of maintenance and lower inventories.
  • Hoistaloy hardened steel link type load chain for strength, long wear life and flexibility.
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Yale PM

  • 3/4 to 3 ton capacities.
  • Short handle design operates in cramped spaces.
  • Requires minimum handle pull to lift capacity load.
  • Self-adjusting screw-and disc type load brake compensates for brake lining wear for safe, sure stops.
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Yale PSB0

  • State-of-the-art, free-wheeling mechanism allows for quick and easy one handed take up and positioning of slack chain.
  • Unit and handle made from high-strength, ductile aluminum alloy.
  • Provides versatile rigging options when used in confined spaces.
  • The disc brake stays clean and dry, eliminating drifting and backlash for safe and secure load holding.
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Budgit USA

  • Frame made from tough aluminum alloy casting with high strength qualities.
  • The frame is heavily proportioned, designed primarily for rigidity to hold the gears and bearings in close alignment. The frame with the covers encloses all operating parts protecting them from dirt and the weather.
  • Hand chain wheel cover of heavy pressed steel with special shape to guide the hand chain through gag-resistant operations.
  • A proven load brake design of the Weston Type for fine, sure control.
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CM Hurricane

  • Unique rotating hand chain cover allows the chain to rotate a full 360 degrees for safe and efficient operation from any direction. Cover design promotes smooth movement of the chain.
  • The Weston-style braking system provides positive load control and reliable performance. Standard load limiter provides simple, automatic overload protection to prevent injuries.
  • Internal gears and pinions are made of heat-treated steel for high strength and long life. Powder-coated finish provides protection against corrosion. Precision 4-pocket lift wheel and chain guide provide better chain fit and alignment to reduce wear.
  • Hoist requires minimal maintenance and can be easily disassembled with standard tools.
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Coffing LHH

  • Designed for portability and easy installation.
  • Compact gear housing provides low headroom.
  • Lubricated bearings and bushings, bearing-mounted pinions, and heat-treated spur gearing ensure smooth and efficient operation with minimal effort.
  • Mechanical load brake engages instantly for precise load holding and positioning. 360° swivel hooks with safety latches for positive load engagement.
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