Budgit Manguard

  • Economical and dependable North American made.
  • Mechanical load brake option – positive action, spring biased Weston type load brake holds the load and provides exact load spotting and control.
  • Parts readily available for quick turnaround service needs.
  • Variety of mountings include: Suspension Hook, lug, plain, geared and motorized trolleys.
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CM Lodestar Classic

  • H4 Duty makes hoist ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications.
  • Gearing designed for exceptionally long life and quiet operation. Gear train lifetime lubricated with non-oxidizing grease.
  • Hoist duty motor, standard overload protection device and standard screw-type limit switches.
  • Hardened, forged-steel, latch-type hooks and hoistaloy load chain for long, dependable service.
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CM Lodestar NH

  • Heavy Duty DC Brake is designed for a long service life. Brake location allows for quick access and easy inspection.
  • Lifetime grease-lubricated Gear Box means no oil change out is required. Precision gears provide better wear and longer life.
  • 80% reduction in sound pressure as compared to the classic Lodestar.
  • Clutch is located outside the load path which prevents slipping of the load in an overload condition when the brake is not powered.
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Coffing EC

  • Electrical Cover can be quickly removed for easy access to motor and all electrical connections.
  • High torque, H4 duty class motor with class F insulation; 60 hertz standard, 50 hertz available. Optional Variable Frequency Drives, or 2-speed motor available.
  • Suspension easily changed from hook to lug, for use with plain, geared, or motorized trolley.
  • Chain guide resists jamming and keeps the chain aligned with load sheave.
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Coffing JLC

  • Panel plate provides easy access to controls and motor leads for changing voltage on dual-voltage motors or servicing the hoist.
  • Multiple disc motor brake with direct acting design for positive load spotting and holding.
  • Regulate upper and lower load travel. Brass nuts standard for improved switch setting and repeatability.
  • Ergonomic design fits operator’s hand for thumb or two-handed operation standard.
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  • Single or two-speed hoisting options.
  • Inverter or two-speed controlled trolley options.
  • Top hook, lug mount, push trolley, and motorized trolley suspensions.
  • High-density polyethylene black chain container.
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