Budgit USA

  • Frame made from tough aluminum alloy casting with high strength qualities.
  • The frame is heavily proportioned, designed primarily for rigidity to hold the gears and bearings in close alignment. The frame with the covers encloses all operating parts protecting them from dirt and the weather.
  • Hand chain wheel cover of heavy pressed steel with special shape to guide the hand chain through gag-resistant operations.
  • A proven load brake design of the Weston Type for fine, sure control.
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CM Hurricane

  • Unique rotating hand chain cover allows the chain to rotate a full 360 degrees for safe and efficient operation from any direction. Cover design promotes smooth movement of the chain.
  • The Weston-style braking system provides positive load control and reliable performance. Standard load limiter provides simple, automatic overload protection to prevent injuries.
  • Internal gears and pinions are made of heat-treated steel for high strength and long life. Powder-coated finish provides protection against corrosion. Precision 4-pocket lift wheel and chain guide provide better chain fit and alignment to reduce wear.
  • Hoist requires minimal maintenance and can be easily disassembled with standard tools.
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Coffing LHH

  • Designed for portability and easy installation.
  • Compact gear housing provides low headroom.
  • Lubricated bearings and bushings, bearing-mounted pinions, and heat-treated spur gearing ensure smooth and efficient operation with minimal effort.
  • Mechanical load brake engages instantly for precise load holding and positioning. 360° swivel hooks with safety latches for positive load engagement.
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