Air Wire Rope

Air Wire Rope
Commonly used in conjunction with top running single and double girder cranes, air wire rope hoists are a great tool when needing very fast lifting speeds and long lifts, where electricity isn’t available, or safety is a concern. They can also be used along with monorails and jib cranes. Wire rope hoists offer a variety of features and can be customized with catalogued options at low cost.

Manufacturer Shaw-Box Yale C.M. Detroit
Series 700 Cable King Polaris
Capacity Range 2-10 Ton 1/2-35 Ton 1/2-5 Ton 3-15 Ton
Metric Rated Upon Application Upon Application Upon Application No
Motor Brake Yes Yes Yes Optional
Load Brake Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rope Guide No No Optional Optional
Limit Switch
Block Operated Yes Yes Yes Yes
Geared Rotary Optional Yes Optional Optional
Load Limiter Optional Optional Optional Optional
Gearbox Lubrication Splash Splash Splash Splash
Motor Type Vane Vane Vane Piston
Travel Speed
Push Yes Yes Yes No
Hand-Geared Yes Yes Yes Yes
Powered Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drop Stops Yes Yes Optional Yes
Rubber Bumpers Optional Optional Optional Yes
Non-Locking Worm Drive Standard Standard Standard Standard
Air Operated Holding Brake Optional Optional Optional Optional
Curved Radius Yes Yes Yes Yes
Swivel Trolleys Yes Yes Yes Yes
Corrosion Resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes
Food Grade Yes Yes Yes Yes
Explosion Proof Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pull Cord No Optional No No
Throttle Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pendant No No No No

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